The soap changes world detergent

The soap instantly decomposes the oil itself, so it solves environmental problems and grease trap problems.

  1. Cleansing troublesome grease trap costs much,Can not improve?
  2. Foam hardly disappears, water supply cost is applied?
  3. Cleaning kitchen facilities, kitchens and floor oil is hard work?
  4. Does the smell of piping and grease trap do not go away?
  5. Becomes rough hands with detergent?
  6. Struggling with stubborn oil stain removal?
  7. Need help with the water bill of the dishwasher?
  8. Do you wipe twice, three times?

By dividing the molecules of the detergent with vibration technology of evertron, when detergent comes into contact with oil, it will penetrate faster than conventional detergent and immediately decompose and refine oil.

I recommend it to this place.

・Food manufacturing factory
・Gas station
・Automobile maintenance plant, dismantling factory
・Precision Machinery Manufacturing Plant
・Road maintenance related
・Real estate related business
・Public work related

Development background

  1. The oil biodegradation detergent modeled on human fat and oil treatment methods (a mechanism by which digestive enzymes and microorganisms decompose fat and oil even when human beings eat oil, urine becomes smooth). Used oil biodegradable detergent that was actually used for oil removal of Mizushima Complex accident.
  2. By dividing the molecules of the detergent with vibration technology of evertron, when detergent comes into contact with oil, it penetrates faster than conventional detergent and immediately decomposes and refines oil.
  3. Furthermore, when molecules of oil are refined, the biodegradability is activated by becoming a size that microorganisms (bacteria) in nature are easy to decompose (easier to eat).
  4. The organic matter called oil stain by the power of microorganisms is changed to “water and carbon dioxide” (inorganic matter), and the oil itself is decomposed to protect people and nature (environment).
  5. Components were made from ingredients produced from coconut oil using positively charged water, stabilized molecules of detergent by evertron’s vibration technology.

Performance after implementation

  Conventional detergent (20th century type) (21st century type)
Mechanism Just peeling off the grease sole oil will not disappear and oil will only move from point A to point B. Change the organic matter called oil stain due to the power of microorganisms to “water and carbon dioxide” (inorganic matter).
The oil is Emulsification. Emulsified substances adhere to each other, leading to secondary pollution, tertiary pollution Biodegradable oil itself to prevent secondary contamination of oil.
Foam Because petroleum-based detergents generate a lot of foam, rinse water and washing take time It is economical because water and washing time are less.
Physical properties of oil Maintain polymer state. Natural decomposition of oil is difficult, oil is spoiled and odor easily occurs. Oil remains on sponge or on sardines. Miniaturization. Oil does not remain, so generation of malodor is suppressed. There is no oil left in the sponge.
After washing Peeled oil stains adhere to various places. It will never stick with the power of water while flowing
Drain pipe, grease trap Oil will re-coagulate and become a source of cholestolol or squirrel, and if bacteria propagate there, even a bad smell will be generated. It is difficult to add oiliness and cholesterol, and it will solve problems, smells etc.
Surfactant 20%~70% less than 10%
PH Generally alkaline. Neutral.
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