Caesar salad with deep fried polenta

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Caesar salad with deep fried polenta
Features of the menu of Dr.Fry
Polenta crunchy is in the accent of texture
Dr.Fry_html_f619bfcaaf3a1ad7 Material
4/1 lettuce
Baby leaf 10g
Caesar dressing 30 cc
1 Soft boiled egg
Parmigiano cheese powder 10g/td>
Bacon 10g
Polenta 200g
Milk 200cc
Water 100cc
Salt 5g
How to cook
1 Put the Milk, Salt, Water and Polenta into a pot, put it on fire,
  mix it until it sticks while skipping moisture.
2 Put 1 in a bat (with a thickness of about 1 cm) and chill in a refrigerator.
3 Cut the cold hardened polenta to 1 cm square. Also cut the bacon
4 Fry Polenta for 3 minutes at 180 degrees with Dr. fry.
  When remaining one minute, also put bacon.
5 Put the teared lettuce and baby leaf into the ball and dress them up with dressing
6 Serve 5 on a dish, decorate soft boiled eggs, polenta and bacon
7 Sprinkle with Parmesan and black pepper.