Refrigerators worldwide enter a new dimension of the freshness-retaining chamber

Freshtron brings a paradigm shift to maintain freshness in kitchens around the world. We aim to solve common kitchen problems regarding preserving food such as fruits, meat, fish and vegetable.

We can solve your various kitchen problems with Freshtron.

  • Retaining freshness
  • Freshtron can maintain quality and freshness of food for a long period, which will secure the asset value of food.
  • Shipment adjustment
  • You can secure stable supply to your kitchen as well as its better shipping adjustment due to lowering the regional and seasonal disparities.
  • Food drying
  • Freshtron can prevent evaporation of water.
  • Purchase cost
  • Cost will be reduced by purchasing food when they are cheaper.
  • Food loss
  • The amount of waste can be reduced by lowering a discarding rate.

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