Can I install Dr. Fry-2 into the fryer that I am currently using?
Yes. If it is for business use, it can be installed in almost all fryers regardless of manufacturer and product number.
Two electrode panels of Dr. Fry-2 are magnetic inside, so please make sure they stick to the left and right wall of the oil tank. There are some non-magnetic fryers, but you can install Dr. Fry-2 with additional plates (about 5,000 yen exc. tax). * You can check it on the compatible model list.
* The size of one electrode panel is 13 cm (width) x 25.5 cm (depth).
If the horizontal part of the oil tank has 10 cm (width) x 26 cm (depth), it can be installed as a standard product.
Can I use Dr. Fry-2 for a large fryer?
Yes. Large flyers such as 1m in width and 40 L in oil amount are suitable for Dr. Fry-2.
Can I use Dr. Fry-2 for a special fryer like continuous fryers or donut fryers?
Can I use Dr. Fry-2 for a special fryer like continuous fryers or donut fryers?
Can I use Dr. Fry-2 for any kind of fryers such as gas, electricity, IH etc?
Yes. You can use Dr. Fry-2 regardless of the heating method.
Is it necessary to have two units of Dr.Fry-2 for a double oil tank fryer?
No. There is Dr. Fry-2 for a double oil tank fryer. It has one generator and two units of electrode panels. You can use it for 6,000 yen/per month less compared to have two units of Dr. Fry-2 for a single oil tank fryer.
Can I install Dr. Fry-2 by myself?
Yes. You can install Dr. Fry-2 by simply connecting two teflon cable units and two electrode panels. We recommend to adjuste its length of the cabl in order to maintain for a long time. Regarding initial installation option, please contact your distribution agency or everton.
What is the response to the malfunction?
We normally do not repair Dr. Fry-2, but will exchange them to new items, if needed. The reason is that we try our best not to interfere our customers as much as we can. The cost depends on the contract, so please contact us in any case. For those who have a contract of maintenance, we will send the product as soon as possible. Once the structure of oil is changed, the effect of Dr. Fry-2 lasts about 5 days even when the generater is turned off. This means, you can maintain normal frying condition without problems.
Do you have any compensation?
Customers with rental contracts have the compensation services . For the purchased customer, we guarantee one year from the date of purchase. There is an additional 4 years insurance contract as option.
Our compensation includes the generator, electrode plates, and AC adapter, but excludes teflon cable units. It will be applied, if the products have any problem for daily use. During the contract period, we will exchange them for free of charge by post. If you need an initial installation or maintenance by visit, we may charge a separate fee.
Does Dr. Fry-2 need any maintenance?
No. Since there is no driving part, maintenance will not be needed except for the teflon cables. Please make sure to plug in/out the teflon cables from the banana plugs carefully. If any parts of Dr. Fry-2 are damaged or lost by the users due to his/her own negligence, we may charge for it.
We strongly recommend to have our additional 4 years insurance, so that we can provide the necessities after 4 years (PURCHASE only). Without any insurance, it will cost 4500 yen +tax (exclude delivery fee) for one teflon cable. Please contact us for more information.
Can I use Dr. Fry-2 with any oil?
Yes, if it is liquid oil, you can use any oil.
Are there any negative effects on the human body?
No. Since Evertron Wave is very weak, you can even touch Dr. Fry-2 while it is on. Also, it does not have any negative effect on heart pacemakers as well as other electronic devices.
Is it easy to clean?
Yes. Simply remove the cables from the electrode panels and just wash them as if you do the dishes, and they are also suitable for dishwasher use. However, the electrode panels have teflon coating, please make sure to wash them gently.
From time to time, please clean the connection holes (where the cables are pluged into the electrode plates) with a cotton swab etc. as the performance might be affected, if it is not clean enough.
Is there anything that does not produce the effect as in the catalog?
There is a possibility that malfunction may occur if noise from other electric devices is nearby. AC adapter of Dr. Fry-2 is noise-resistant, but if you need a noise filter, please contact us.
What are the disadvantages?
Since oil absorption in the batter will be reduced max. 50%, it will be difficult to make oily fried food. Also, the flavor of oil will not be transferred, so that you may need to add its flavor in the batter before frying (e.g. sesame oil).
Can Dr. Fry-2 be used with 200 V?
Yes, Dr. Fry-2 itself works with 200V, however, you need a conversion plug. Also, AC adapter can only handle upto 240V.
How can I see the effect?
Please check the link. video.>
How can I visit resutaurants with Dr. Fry-2?
Please check our website .

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