Evertron sponsors the movie “Wastecooking”.

From Saturday, January 21, 2017
Shibuya Uplink and others published all over the country
It is an entertainment road movie that a trip to eliminate food waste from the world.
Deliver waste food ingredients around Europe through a waste oil car with a kitchen.

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“Deauville Green International Film Festival 2015 Documentary Section Silver Award”
“Cannes Corporate Media & TV Grand Award 2015 Natural Environment, Ecology Department Silver Dolphin Award”

Director: David Gross, Georg Misch
2015 / Austria / 81 minutes

Used waste oil 684.5 liter, mileage 5079 km Rescued foodstuff 690 kg, A delicious and bright “food” journey across the five European countries.


“Wastecooking” is a journalist and David of “food rescuer” eliminates food waste,
It is an entertainment road movie that goes around the five European countries with a kitchen car running with waste oil and goes on a trip of waste food ingredients cooking.
We live in a consuming society, we have thrown out a lot of food every day to be able to eat yet.
According to the World Food Program, one-third of food produced worldwide has been disposed of,
Its weight is 89 million tons for Europe as a whole and 1.3 billion tons for the entire world every year.
Meeting people who do unique fooding efforts in various places and acting waste food ingredients and challenging consciousness change David’s “0 yen kitchen” trip shows the present and future of food.
Now that the world population is expected to reach 10 billion people, the issue of food disposal is a matter of human beings as a whole. In ‘0 yen kitchen’, David makes us think about what the food should be like in the future by delivering creative and delicious dishes with waste food materials to people.
A unique and pleasant journey of David’s disposal food cooking begins.