Detergent has become a thing of the past,
The Unlimited will solve all your dirty problems!

The Unlimited is the one and only eco-friendly oil biodegradation solution that transforms oil into saccharide, unlike conventional detergents.Only using eco and human-friendly ingredients, it is safe to use for all. The Unlimited is not only for kitchen grease, also reduces ordor, degradation of buildings and blockage in pipes. Less cleaning also means reduced labor cost. Once you use The Unlimited, you will never go back to anything else.

  • Safe formulation with amino acids

    The Unlimited’s formulation with amino acids is gentle on skin.None of harmful chemical ingredients used in conventional detergents are in The Unlimited.

  • Powerfully removes oil stain.

    The Unlimited is not a regular detergent, it transforms oil into saccharide, frensher and cleaner! Also it reduces degradation of buildings and blockage in pipes.

  • Fights off unpleasent odor!

    The The effect of The Unlimited does not stop at removing kitchen grease.Enzyme breaks down the source of odor.

Conventional detergents

Conventional detergents use toxic sodium alkylbenzene sulfate and surfactant to remove oil and stains. However, these dirts can redeposit, causing sewers, grease traps, drains to clog and environmental damage.

  • It’s hard to get stubborn oil stains off.

  • Cleaning sponges also get dirty with oil

  • Oil forms a mass when it reattaches to pipe interior

The Unlimited

Instantly decomposes oil stains into carbon and saccharide. With this technology, drains and grease traps will continue to decompose any existing oil stains and dirts.

  • Even burnt-on grease will be dissolved

  • Cleaning sponges can be cleaned only with water

  • Drained waste water can clean pipe interior

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