Paradigm Shift

Evertron’s technology is engendering a paradigm shift.

Evertron’s food asset-management know-how can be applied in various domains. Our company is effecting dramatic change by challenging long-held notions and societal values, while addressing and cracking hitherto unsolvable problems.

Conventional technology 20th century
evertron technology 21st century
The freshness, value, and flavor of all cooking ingredients (foodstuffs) degrades over time.
Protects the original quality and freshness of foodstuffs for a long time, thus preserving its value.
Eating and drinking establishments around the world prepare ingredients for cooking on the day the food is to be served.
Use of pre-prepared food helps cut subsequent preparation time and saves on personnel expenses.
Thawing of frozen goods
Drips negatively impact the flavour.
Items can be thawed quickly using dripless thawing method.
Fried foods
Food is cooked in fryers that merely heat the oil.
Preserves quality, suppresses the degradation of cooking oil and fried foods, cuts calorific content of fried foods, prevents transfer of flavors, reduces oil-splashes and smoke, and cuts cooking time by allowing different items to be cooked simultaneously.
Lower the temperature of goods and transport rapidly.
Use of freshness-preserving logistics helps halt deterioration of foodstuffs, thus enabling longer transportation times.
Lower the temperature of goods for storage.
Freshness-preservation allows for adjustment of freight, stability of supply, and negates importance of goods’ seasonality and place of origin, thus allowing goods to be sold when prices are favourable.
Medical care
The use of catheters for blocked capillary vessels in people with incurable diseases is commonplace.
Water/moisture-control techniques derived from the world of physics help overcome disorders associated with circulatory flow.
What are the various business- and product-focused application developments engendered by moisture-control technology?