Multi-functional kitchen appliance Dr. Fry

Paradigm shift on fryers

Cost will be reduced,
and operation will change drastically!
Our multi-functional kitchen appliance
will change the norms of fryers and
fried foods and fried food
all over the world.

  • Oil absorption in the batter reduced by max50%
  • Oil life expectancy
    extended by30% on average
  • Frying time
    shortened max25%

*according to related intitutions and our reseraches

44simple components bring innovative change to your kitchen.

Dr. Fry-2 is an entirely new technological kitchen appliance that brings together various cooking functions including frying, baking, and steaming. No professional skill is needed.
  • Dr. Fry-2 generater
  • Teflon cable
  • Electrode plates
  • AC adapter

55evolutions on the foodservice and restaurant industry

  • Improve Taste

    Simply install Dr. Fry-2 in your existing fryer to welcome the millenium into your kitchen. You can easily develop inimitable menu items.
  • Cut Calories

    The amount of oil absorbed in the batter can be reduced by 50%. You can serve healthier fried food to your customers.
  • Safety and Security

    As oil splatter becomes smaller, you can prevent fires and common injuries in your kitchen. You can ensure your employees’ safety.
  • Cost Reduction

    Your kitchen will remain cleaner by introducing Dr.Fry-2(smaller oil splatter and spread of oil mist), and you will be able to reduce labor costs.
  • Efficiency

    You need 30% to 50% less time to cook such as fish and vegetable, which normally take longer.

infinityThe one and only cooker, Dr. Fry-2. Its possibilities are infinite.

Dr. Fry-2 is a cooking equipment that brings you a revolution into your kitchen. Its “evertron. wave” will help you develop inimitable menu items.

Silken tofu without batter

You can fry tofu without batter, which used to be thought that it is impossible and dangerous. Dr. Fry-2 makes it possible by controling water molecure inside tofu.

Cooking frozen food in a fryer

You can put any frozen food (e.g. frozen shrimp, frozen potatos) directly to your fryer. Fried food tastes good even when cold.

Our proposal for the new ways of cooking

The time you normally spend for cooking preparation will be shortened, especially for curry and stew.

infinity Our “evertron. wave” is the key Water molecule control technology will bring you a kitchen revolution.

Our research has shown that Dr. Fry-2(evertron wave) is capable of lowering the surface tension of water, which enables to change the structure of water molecules.

About our
“evertron. technology”

“evertron” is the heart of our technology, which also stands for our company’s name. We are still conducting our own research with other institutions in order to utilize our technology for the better society. e.g. Dr. Fry-2 and Freshtron.

Patent pending

infinityVoice of Customer

  • Since we can keep tempura’s taste and texture longer than before, we can prepare easier even during the busy time.
  • Ever since we’ve installed Dr. Fry-2 in our kitchen, ventilation duct remains clean at my bakery. We are happy that we need to clean less.
  • I’ve never got burned by oil splatter when frying. We are happy that we do not need to worry about the oil odor after frying.
  • Thanks to Dr. Fry-2, I managed to open my own tempura restaurant. I was surprised that oil absorption is certainly reduced.
  • We got more customers after developing new and unique menus such as roast beef cooked by a fryer. Dr. Fry-2 is definitely our secret weapon in my restaurant.
  • We used to replace oil every other day, but now, we only do it every four days. We’ve also succeeded in reducing our annual oil consumption.
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