Oil is a decisive factor in health. The brain is 60 % oil.
Our edible oils have low trans-fatty acids and zero silicone, so you can be assured of safety and consumer confidence.

Safe oil conversion is the top priority condition that eating and drinking establishments can confidently disclose thier food safety. Non silicon shampoo has become widespread, but 99% of the restaurants in Japan still use oil that contains silicone. evertron spreads low trans fatty acid, non silicone brown rice oil to all customers including young children.

Dr.Oil2 Net weight/16kg 9,800yen Now also available on Amazon Please click here to order

About our cooking oil

  • ・Blend of canola and brown rice oil The brown rice oil is certified as functional nutritional oil using
  • ・No silicone
  • ・Non-GMO
  • ・No cholesterol
  • ・Low trans fatty acid
  • ・Gluten free
  • ・Allergen-free
  • ・Good balance of alpha-Linolenic acid, linoleic acid and oleic acid
  • ・Gamma-Oryzanol
  • ・Higher oxidation stability ?
  • ・Less change in color of fried surface
  • ・Shelf life of 1 year
  • ・High stability of cooking oil
  • ・Slow oil degradation
  • ・Natural vitamin E
  • ・Prevent symptoms like dizziness or neausea while cooking
  • ・Plant sterols
  • ・Less adhesion of oxides
  • ・Tocotrienol
  • ・Control bubble generation?
  • ・Keeps fried food edible longer
  • ・Oxidative stability of vegetable oil (AOM test) = AOM test measures the time until the measurement of peroxide reaches 100 by blowing air into aprox.98℃ oil.
  • ・Bubble distribution distance : measured the distribution of bubbles after adding 1cm diced potato into 180℃ oil. Water vapour was first added to the oil, and it was kept a room temperature for two hours.
  • ・Amount of adhesion to cooking pots : measured the amount of oxidized polymer inside cooking pots after frying foods in 180℃ oil.
  • ・Time until unpleasant ordor was generated : measured the time until unpleasant ordor was generated from fried foods under a 10,000 lux light at 40℃.

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