Comparison of effects

Comparison of effects after introducing Dr. Fry.
Depending on the type of deep-fried food and the performance of the fryer , the effect may change.

Conventional Fryer Dr.Fry
Oil smoke × About 70% or less
Oil replacement frequency Once in 3 days Once in 4 days – 6 days About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Cost of oil About 100% About 70% to 50% or less About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Labor costs for oil change 30 minutes× 10 days 30 minutes x 5 days About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Reducing frying time × About 10% to about 25% shoten taime
Oiliness 100% 70% About 30% or more falls
Taste ×
Low calorie ×
Maintaining quality for a long time ×
Discard rate Discard in 2 hours Discard in 4 hours About 50% or more falls
Crisp texture ×
Juicy feel ×
Burnt remains Lots None
Smell of oil Lots None
Smell of Fried food Lots None
Frying many kinds at the same time ×
Sales of fried food Maintain the status quo Improve
Special menu development ×
Differentiation from other stores ×
Advertising effect by introducing a fryer ×
Duct maintenance Once a month Once a year About 90% or more falls
Economic effect for 6 years ×
Risk of occupational accidents due to oil splashing High Low About 90% or more falls
Duct cleaning time and personnel expenses 30 minutes every day None
Risk of duct fire High Low Drastic reduction of risk
Impressions of restaurants