As One Young World Summit certified national corporate partners, evertron decided to help the 30 participants to attend this coming year’s summit


As national corporate partners of One Young World certified, also referred to as Young Davos conference (National Youth Organizing Partner), evertron came to support the summit dispatch of past participants in more than a total of 60 people until now. Even to the ninth round of One Young World Summit, which takes place at this year’s Netherlands-The Hague, it is expected to support the young leader of about 30 people from Japan.


What is “One Young World”?

One Young World (OYW) was founded in 2009 by David Jones and Kate Robertson. It is a UK-based charity that gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change.
OYW stage an annual Summit where the most valuable young talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward-thinking organisations are joined by world leaders, acting as the One Young World Counsellors.
At the Summit, delegates debate, formulate and share innovative solutions for the pressing issues the world faces. The delegates, who are then known as One Young World Ambassadors, work on their own initiatives or lend the power of the One Young World network to those initiatives already in existence. Of those in employment, many return to their companies and set about creating change from within, energising their corporate environment.
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Evertron’s commitment towards One Young World

We, Evertron have continued to conduct researches of “water molecules”, causing it to food, medical, manufacturing, logistics, energy and the environment to the paradigm shift, with the goal to contribute to the health of the global environment and human being.
Sympathetic to philosophy that causes a positive change to the world of One Young World Summit is aiming, dispatched maximum number of the Japanese delegation to participate from 2014 to One Young World Summit, from the One Young World Headquarters It has been certified as to continue to dispatch support on behalf of the world’s first country “National Youth Organizing partner”.
In addition, in order from Japan to the technology going to cause a positive change in the world, the company plans to strengthen cooperation with the One Young World in the future.

The information “One Young World 2018 Summit”

◼︎Date:17th – 20th October, 2018
◼︎Venue:Hague, The Kingdom of the Netherlands
【Official Website】

【How to participate as one of the Japanese delegates】
To participate in One Young World summit, please apply through the following link of OYW Japan Committee.
【Sponsoring Participants who evertron desires to support】
1. Age must be between 18 and 30 years old at the time of application (all nationalities are welcomed)
2. People with open-mindness, potential leadership, and beyond-the-walls communicator of nationality and culture are desirable
3. Those who have interests in committing and solving the international issues, who have the creativity and execution force in problem solving
* People who satisfy with the above conditions, who passed the application examination by the One Young World Japan Committee, will be in full support of the Summit participation fee and accommodation expenses and moving expenses from us. In addition, for those who get the support of our company, which wants to participate in the farewell party and reporting meetings to be hosted by the Summit before and after us, we will submit the summit participants after the report.”


【Procedures of Selection / Schedule】
・1st video clip sumbission due date: 2018/6/11(Mon)23:59 JST
・1st selection result announcement: 2018/6/17(Sun)
・2nd screening interview with evertron and One Young World Japan Committee: 2018/6/30(Sat)| 7/1(Sun)| 7/7(Sat)| 7/8(Sun)
・Sending-off (Farewell) Party by Evertron:Late September 2018(TBA)
・Summit Date: 2018/10/17(Wed)~10/20/(Sat)
・After event meeting by evertron:Early November 2018 (TBA)