Can I install it on the fryer currently using?
You can use it for most fryers.
In the case of extremely small fryers, We produce electrode plates as custom-made.
(No custom-made expenses required)
* You can check it on the compatible model list.
* The size of one electrode plate is 13 cm (width) x 25.5 cm (depth).
If the horizontal part of the oil tank has 26 cm (width) x 25.5 cm (depth), it can be installed as a standard product.
Can I use it for a big fryer?
Large flyers such as 1 m in width and 40 L in oil amount can also be effective without problems.
Can I use it for a special fryer like continuous fryers or donut fryers?
If standard products can not be used, we will respond by custom order.
Can I use it for any kind of flyer such as gas, electricity, IH etc?
You can use it regardless of the heating method.
Is it necessary to have two units of DR. FRY for a 2-tank fryer?
Because we are preparing 2 tank set, we can use it for 2 electrode plates with 1 transformer. Compared to using 2 units, you can use it as 8,600 yen cheaper for a month.
Can I install it by myself?
You can use it by simply connecting two cables and the power supply, but if you use a mall to protect the cable or adjust the extra length of the cable, You can use it with confidence. Regarding installation work, please contact your distributor or Everton.
What is the response to the malfunction?
Basically it will not be repaired. I will exchange it for new items. This is because it does not to interfere with shops that are open every day. The cost depends on the following warranty period and maintenance contract, but we will respond promptly in any case.
For those who have a maintenance contract, we will ship the same day if you call us.
The effects of DR. FRY will last for about 5 days even once the power is turned off, once the structure of the oil is changed. As long as you use the oil until the part arrives,
You can maintain usual quality without problems.
For rental contract customers, all partial warranty service is on. The purchase customer is one year from purchase. In addition, there is an option 5 years manufacturer long-term parts compensation contract.
If compensation is broken in normal use, we will exchange it for free.
Since there is no driving part, maintenance is almost nothing except for the code of expendable parts in normal use. It is conceivable that the cord of a mouse, etc. is disconnected. In that case, it will be paid exchange, but if it is within the compensation contract period, it will be free without limit to the number of times. As you can use with confidence, we recommend long-term parts compensation contract at a profitable price.
Can I use it for any oil?
The type of oil does not matter. You can use it with all oil.
Costs can be reduced because it is finished in the same frying condition as before with oil which is lower in price than oil you used up to now.
Why can DR. FRY show various effects?
it can be said of all the effects of DR.FRY, We have not understood it honestly.
As a result of a long research that has gone through forty years, we have grasped the physical impact that DR. FRY has given to ingredients, of course. However, the influence of the influence on each effect, especially the effect on chemical change has not been elucidated. Currently collaborating with various universities and research institutes is progressing, but it has been solved little by little.
Although I guess only, it is thought that bonding of molecules in foodstuffs will become finer by giving vibration with DR. FRY. Therefore, for example, in the case of frying, the moisture contained in the foodstuff does not cause a steam explosion at once, and it is discharged into the oil as fine bubbles. This is confirmed by comparing the size of the foam.
With no explosion, big holes in clothing and food ingredients will be opened, and oil will not enter the hole less. This thing can be confirmed even if it is difficult to enter “su” when bowls of tofu are baked. To say that the moisture of the ingredients does not go out into the oil means that the ingredients are kept fresh and at the same time the smell does not shift to the oil. Also, since the amount of oil that the ingredients sucks is reduced by 50%, this also leads to not absorbing the odor.
Are there any adverse effects on the human body?
Even if you touch the electrode plate in use, it is safe, I do not feel anything. The radio waves transmitted by DR. FRY are very weak radio waves and will not have any negative effect on the pacemaker of the heart.
There is also no effect on surrounding electronic equipment.
Is cleaning easy?
Just remove the cable from the electrode plate and put it in the dishwasher.
Because the electrode plate is Teflon coating, please do not scrape strongly.
Is there anything that does not produce the effect as in the catalog?
There is a possibility that malfunction may occur if noise is on the power supply used.
Although it adopts a noise-resistant AC adapter, in that case it can correspond with a noise filter etc. Also, when strong radio waves are generated in the surroundings, malfunction may occur.
Does it have any disadvantages?
Since the amount of oil absorbed by the ingredients will be 50% of normal, it makes it difficult to make foods greasy. Also, like sesame oil, if you want to smell the oil, you need to devise to squeeze sesame oil in advance.
Also, depending on the electrode plate, the oil reservoir becomes narrower, depending on the installation method, it may happen that the fly back is hit.
Can it be used at 200 V?
Because the shape of the outlet is different, we have prepared an outlet for conversion.
Please tell us when placing an order. AC adapter can handle up to 240V.
I’d like to try out the effect?
We are preparing lending machines.
Please try with your regular ingredients and oil in your own kitchen.
Please contact the agent or directly to Everton.