Oil is a decisive factor in health. The brain is 60 percent oil. Our edible oils have low trans-fatty acids and zero silicone, so you can be assured of safety and consumer confidence.

Evertron’s cooking oil is completely free of artificial additives or components. Non-genetically modified materials are used to create our expeller-pressed, ultrahigh-grade canola oil, which is low of trans fat, silicon and chemical substances.
By changing to our oil, customers can enjoy the true meaning of safety and security.

About our cooking oil

• low trans-fatty acids
• No silicone
• Low level of saturated fats
• High level of monounsaturated
• High level of omega-3 fats
• High levels of vitamins E and K

• Oil extracted using traditional pressing
• Excellent cellular balance:
 Omega-3-6-9 ratio of 1:2,4:7,6
• Extra-virgin canola oil
• Omega-3 level eight times higher than
 olive oil
• High level of phytosterols

• No artificial additives
• No cholesterol
• No allergic substances
• Good choice for healthy
• No synthetic agrochemicals
• No preservatives

• Officially certified
• Complete traceability
• No genetic modification
• Kosher-certified

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