Oil is a decisive factor in health. The brain is 60 percent oil. Our edible oils have low trans-fatty acids and zero silicone, so you can be assured of safety and consumer confidence.

An absolute and top priority condition that eating and drinking establishments confidently disclose safe and safe foods is safe oil conversion.
Non silicon shampoo has become widespread, but 99% of the restaurants used by Japanese restaurants contain silicone in oil.
evertron spreads low trans fatty acid, non silicone brown rice oil absolutely relieved to customers and children.

About our cooking oil

• low trans-fatty acids
• No silicone
• High levels of vitamins E and K

• High level of phytosterols
• No cholesterol
• No allergic substances

• No synthetic agrochemicals
• No preservatives
• No genetic modification

What are evertron’s main products?
Provide safe cooking oil
The soap changes world detergent
Learn more on the technical capabilities of long-period freshness maintenance.