Evertron technology changes the world fryer and fried food.


21 century type molecule cooker was born finally.

Why can not we make fried food even more delicious? Why innovative menus are not born?
Why can not we lower the cost? Why can not we cook efficiently…
The reason is that since the flyer using the technology called “oil temperature control” was invented in the 20th century,
evolution did not progress and we could not evolve fried foods.


“Dr. Fry” is a unique physical water molecule control technology,
At the same time realize different cooking functions of frying / baking / steaming,
It is a completely new multifunctional molecular cooking appliance.
Just by installing “Dr. Fry” on the fryer currently in use,
The 21st century will come to your kitchen.


Only 4 components bring this evolution.

“Dr. Fry” is made up of extremely simple parts.
Many of you who first saw “Dr. Fry” are surprised, “Is that all really?” “Is it such small?” But that is the greatest tribute to our development team.
Because we are trying hard to maximize effect with minimum parts.
Experience the power of the big technology that this small device can demonstrate.


Simply submerge the

Simply submerge the “Electrode panel” of “Dr. Fry” in the oil tank of the existing fryer and complete installation.

10 evolutions that change food industry.

Once you introduce “Dr. Fry”, you can not go back.
Because 10 evolution brought by “Dr. Fry” greatly solves problems that the kitchen and food industry had, and once it is used, it becomes an existence which can not be released anymore.

1 Improvement of taste

With the physical power without changing ingredients, oils, chefs, the texture and flavor improve dramatically. Crisp and fried keeps juicy for a long time.

2 Calorie cut

The fried food of “Dr. Fry” reduces the amount of oil absorbed by foodstuff by 50% on average. It is possible to provide customers with deep fried foods with good oil break, low calorie and healthy.

3 Opening in a building that allow only snack bar.

When “Dr. Fry” is installed, there is an actual example that we could open stores in light dining and eating restricted properties by decreasing the rice mill of flue gas duct to 1/10.

4 Differentiation

Menus that can never be done at other stores can be developed easily. (Fried silk tofu, fried fish, roast beef, grilled chicken, grilled squid, baked potatoes, donuts with raw fruits etc.)

5 Multifunctional, high-speed low-temperature cooking

While cooking fried, you can cook in the same oil bath, cook baked, steam cooked, processed under simmering etc. High temperature cooking of steel plates, grillers etc is possible at less than 180 degrees, low temperature cooking is possible in a short time. We can offer dishes with low glycation index.

6 Speed up

Reduce traditional fried time by 15 to 30%. Baked cooking is reduced by 50 to 90%. We will eliminate opportunity loss with efficient cooking quickly and at the same time cut manufacturing costs.

7 Odor transfer prevention

Simultaneous cooking is possible without considering the order even for different ingredients such as seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits.

8 Improvement of antifouling properties

Successfully reduced oil odor by 70%. Oil mist is also drastically reduced. Keep the kitchen inside the store clean and comfortable.

9 Improve safety

Suppressing the occurrence of occupational accidents such as duct fire due to sharp reduction of oil mist, burns due to oil sprays. In addition, it can be safely used with a household power supply (AC 100 V).

10 Cost reduction

Successfully prolonged the life of oil by 30% on average. Even if the quality of oil is lowered, the taste reduction is minimized. Even if it turns into black oil, it maintains the same deep-fried strength as new oil.


9 Scientifically-proven Facts

We have analyzed and compared a conventional fryer and “Dr. Fry” in the equivalent environment using the same food items. The function and the effect of “Dr. Fry” were scientifically proven.


Analysis by Taste and Aroma Strategic
Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratories


Analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratories


Analysis by Japan Food Research Laboratories


Change the molecular bonding structure of moisture with proprietary Everton waves.


p11_image4001.Proprietary Everton waves generate radio waves.

2.The interfacial tension of water decreases by 60%, so the water droplet becomes smaller.

3.Because large steam explosion turns into a small explosion, oil grease, less oil mist.
Bumping (the phenomenon that the moisture of the food material explodes, the hole is made in the food material, the oil enters the hole) becomes minute, and the skin of fine surface is stretched in a short time.

4.As a result, it prevents the invasion of oil into foodstuffs and at the same time suppresses the outflow of moisture of foodstuffs.
Healthy and calorie-down fried foods keep crisp and juicy for a long time without spoiling the original taste of ingredients.
It suppresses deterioration of oily and odor transfer by less moisture outflow.


The possibility of molecular cooking that can not be done elsewhere is infinite

The best cooking is to be able to reproduce the ingredients contained in food just as “a source of medical food”. Therefore, the most noteworthy is cooking, which is the moisture content (freshness, taste, fragrance, color, nutrient, active ingredient) of foods, not missing moisture, is the real “medical and food source” cooking It is. If you can cook while suppressing the flow of water from the ingredients, you can provide the best value cuisine to our customers without losing the value of the ingredients you stocked.
“Dr. Fry” is an innovative cookware that anyone can easily develop the best cooking and inventive menus that could not be done in the past. “Dr. Fry” which has produced various menus beyond the established concept of the cooking utensil called fryer so far. Please see some of the results.

  • Deep fried silk tofu.

    Deep fried silk tofu.Without draining and without clothing,
    Stuffed with silk tofu as it is. Because it does not enter and oil does not penetrate, outside is crispy and inside is boiled tofu state.
    All the fried foods are finished like this.QR
  • Correspond to grilled cooked
    baked potatoes as well
    焼きイモなどの焼き調理にも対応Put the raw sweet potatoes in the fryer and wait 20 minutes to 40 minutes to complete the baked potatoes.
    You can easily rinse the oil on the surface.
    Because there is no oil penetration and moisture can not escape, inside is Hokuhoku. With a similar recipe, you can cook baked goods such as grilled dishes, baked corn, roasted meat, grilled meat, grilled chicken and grilled fish.
    In addition, until completion of cooking, preparation of curry and stew components, just finished by washing and washing with water. Without the shape, finished cleanly quickly, it makes cooking that demonstrates the original flavor of the material possible.QR
  • Frozen shrimp

    冷凍のエビもプリプリにThe frozen shrimp is also finished in the texture of being shrunk and captured. By using “Dr. Fry”, it becomes possible to finish deliciously frozen foods until now with cockless.
    In addition, even when a large amount of frozen foods are introduced, the temperature of the oil is not easily lowered, so uniform heating is possible.QR

Helps you to cause revolution to your menu while promoting about the oil with no trans-fatty acid!

CASE1“Dr. Fry” is a revolutionary weapon in your business strategy!
It helps to reduce the calorie of your dishes and eliminate the need to use oil with trans-fatty acid which is known as health hazard all over the world. So we could proudly communicate the health and safety aspects to the health-conscious customers.
Also, you can develop menu that had been impossible, and a new franchise plan is under consideration.



Now, your maintenance frequency goes down to 1/12!

CASE2I was not quite sure how true the product claim was, but oil mist was drastically reduced after the introduction of the device.
As a result, the frequency of the duct maintenance I outsource has been reduced from monthly, i.e. 12 times a year, to once a year.



You can increase the price per customer by as much as 20%… This is the investment of sure return.

CASE3Even when I fry the same ingredient, it tastes so differently.
We are now receiving more “to go” orders and we have added new menus because of that.
Dr.Fry” helped us with increasing the price per customer by 20.
I thought it really was the investment with sure return.



Your cleaning frequency drops from daily to once in 10 days!

CASE4Ever since we start using “Dr.Fry“, the surroundings of fryers became significantly less dirty.
So, the duct cleaning I had to do everyday after cooking is once-in-10-days job now, and I can go home earlier.
Also, I am happy that my hair and clothes do not smell oily these days.



When I realized, I have eaten twice as much as I usually do.

CASE5To tell you the truth, I could not eat deep fried foods very much.
But the one cooked with “Dr.Fry” was not greasy, and I am surprised myself that I had the second serving.
I want the restaurant list that have “Dr.Fry“.
The food tasted good even when it was cold, so I think it makes a real difference!



The best and only 1 for frying.

It produces the greatest economic effect with minimum cost.
Longer life of oil, cost reduction by maintaining taste even if the quality of oil is lowered, the number of duct maintenance times.
Drastic decrease · · · It is possible to introduce it at nearly zero expenses due to various cost reductions and merits.

Dr.Fry Plan
※Patent pending
Transformer External dimensions W 100 mm; D 75 mm; H 45 mm
(excepting dual-lock)
Output frequency 50KHz ±5KHz
Input 250mA
Electrical Requirement Above 3 W
Operating temperature range From -10 C to +50 C
Weight 350g
Water protection IP67 (cable connection)


External dimensions

W 129 mm; D 254 mm; H 192 mm
(single sheet size)
Weight 574g(single sheet weight)


Stainless steel and PTFE (fluorocarbon polymer)
Surface finish Ceramic and PTFE coating
Safety Problem-free food hygiene
Cable Vat 1 Heatproof temperature 260℃
Cable length 1.5m
Cover material PTFE (fluorocarbon polymer)
Vat 2 Heatproof temperature 260℃
Cable length 1.5m
Cover material PTFE (fluorocarbon polymer)
AC adapter Rated input 100~240V / 47~63Hz
Rated output 12 V / 0.83 A maximum
Cable length 1.2m
Plug type Two flat parallel pins


設置可能サイズ W 260mm〜600mm D 270mm以上

Installable Size W 260mm – 600mm D 270mm or larger

Comparison of effects

Comparison of effects after introducing Dr. Fry.
Depending on the type of deep-fried food and the performance of the fryer , the effect may change.

Conventional Fryer Dr.Fry
Oil smoke × About 70% or less
Oil replacement frequency Once in 3 days Once in 4 days – 6 days About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Cost of oil About 100% About 70% to 50% or less About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Labor costs for oil change 30 minutes× 10 days 30 minutes x 5 days About 30% to about 50% or more falls
Reducing frying time × About 10% to about 25% shoten taime
Oiliness 100% 70% About 30% or more falls
Taste ×
Low calorie ×
Maintaining quality for a long time ×
Discard rate Discard in 2 hours Discard in 4 hours About 50% or more falls
Crisp texture ×
Juicy feel ×
Burnt remains Lots None
Smell of oil Lots None
Smell of Fried food Lots None
Frying many kinds at the same time ×
Sales of fried food Maintain the status quo Improve
Special menu development ×
Differentiation from other stores ×
Advertising effect by introducing a fryer ×
Duct maintenance Once a month Once a year About 90% or more falls
Economic effect for 6 years ×
Risk of occupational accidents due to oil splashing High Low About 90% or more falls
Duct cleaning time and personnel expenses 30 minutes every day None
Risk of duct fire High Low Drastic reduction of risk

Impressions of restaurants

89% of the restaurants evaluates「It is juicy」

Delicacy / Quality

74% of restaurants say “frying time has been shortened”.

Safety · Productivity

75% of restaurants say “It can be useful for the development of the new menu

Product development



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