Caring Food

“Caring food” dishes are created by top chefs for people with special dietary requirements. These unique consumables help support human health and dietary needs.

“Caring food” is a series of gourmet dishes prepared by leading chefs who use healthy ingredients and strictly follow the individual dietary restrictions of dieters, diabetics—and those likely to become diabetic—as well as athletes, vegetarians, vegans and people who require halal and Kosher foods. We heartily recommend our “caring food”—the best of its kind—which is carefully created to have excellent nutritional balance; low calorie, fat, and salt contents; and no trans-fatty acids. Our “caring food” is rich in essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and protein, and has anti-oxidative effects.

“Caring food” necessitates a fusion of three kinds of knowledge, as well as low calorie-cooking know-how.

“Caring food” can by enjoyed in two
different settings:

Enjoy EPICURE’s “caring food” frozen delicatessen food at home.
Enjoy “caring food”the EPICURE restaurant at.
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