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Our Philosophy to Aim at No.1

We Are Not a Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer.
We are not kitchen equipment manufacturers. We are a technology group that studies the technology of water molecule control using radio wave vibrations, mainly in physics, and creates innovation. “Dr. Fry” is one of our study achievement. It is meant to single-handedly solve problems of fryers which has not evolved since its invention.
We will conquer conventional methodology and common sense of the food industry.
For us, conventional methodology and common sense only become the challenge to overcome. “Dr. Fry” is an innovative invention that makes all food items tastier by the power of physics. Developing the mechanism with which anybody can easily offer tasty and safe menu items at any time. For that purpose, the technology to keep the moisture inside food items during the cooking process is the dream technology, became our challenge. Because moisture inside food items contains umami, aroma, color, nutrients and other useful elements, We offer the most powerful tool to help the chef’s wishes to offer better tasting dishes and innovative menu that has never existed, come true.
We strive to offer the best technology in the world from this small company.
We are not a big company. But we take pride in our technology and philosophy as the world’s No. 1. Our technology can contribute to the restaurant industry via the improvement of the taste and the safety of foods. It can also be used to maintain the freshness of food items as well as the medical field, e.g. preservation of organs and blood. We are committed to make the best effort to be the company to contribute to the human health and environment. This momentary encounter leads to the life long bond – We cannot be happier if you instinctively feel that possibility, We cannot be happier

President, evertron Inc. Hisao Tanaka

evertron Inc.
Address 6F TS Aoyama Building, 5-1-3, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
PHONE: +81-3-6435-0416 FAX: +81-3-6435-0406
Established Nov. 4, 1968
Capital 70,000,000 yen
Kansai branch office NLC Shinoosaka 11kan 2F, 6-6-6, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0011, Japan
Chubu branch office Toyoba Iseyama 366, Toyoyama Town, Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi Prefecture 480-0202
Business operations 1:Development of water molecule control system
2:Manufacture, sale and rental business of radio wave vibration equipment
3:Development, manufacture and sale of radio wave vibration devices
4:Production and sale of edible oil, oil biodegradable detergent
5:Licensing business
Access to the head office. 3 minutes on foot from the exit A5, Omotesando Subway Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line / Ginza Line ).
Our company name, evertron, was formed by fusing the word “ever” (eternal) with the latter half of “electron.” Electrons are the only substance that can pass through a cell membrane barrier without difficulty, and ultimately reach the interior of the mitochondria organelle. Evertron’s technology makes use of physics theories in the Lorentz force law (wherein the energy of electrolytic and magnetic fields is applied to the outside of a substance to activate the ions within the substance) to develop original methods of moisture control.


Evertron’s history is synonymous with research into the control of water molecules.

It’s a staggering fact, but research has shown that water molecules change state more than 200 million times each second. If you analyse the degradation of foodstuffs and human illness, you’ll find that the water content levels of the food items and the human body is a common theme. Changing water levels are due to atoms fighting each other for electrons. Though modern science has yet to exactly explain the true nature of water, or how to control it, evertron has spent the last 38 years trying to control the moisture content in foodstuffs and humans alike, and, via a long and repeated process of trial and error, has finally discovered a safe and reproducible method of controlling the earth’s most abundant liquid. However, this mechanism is not yet clear-cut, and we are still in the midst of research in conjunction with our research institution.

1975/05 Development commences on a monopole, blockade-type dry transformer and control equipment at a company named Denshi Kogaku
1981/11 Development completed on a monopole, blockade-type dry transformer and control equipment
1981/10 Development commences on electrode-application method for freshness-maintaining cabinet and fryer
1989/07 Development commences on an electrode panel and insulation materials for electrode application
1996/04 Development of equipment to curb the degradation of cooking oil via a high-voltage, weak-current application method (patent application Heisei 8-112888)
1997/04 Development of equipment for foodstuffs that applies a high-voltage, weak-current application method (patent application Heisei 9-108175)
1998/12 Development commences on a container vessel specifically for electrodes
1999/07 Development completed of an electric-field application method via the parallel arrangement of earth wires opposed to electrodes
2000/03 Development completed of an accessory device using the parallel arrangement of earth wires opposed to electrodes
2000/11 High-voltage, weak-current application method using an electrode panel (patent application 2000-334777) (patent application 2000-340301) (patent application 2001-02148)
2000/12 Development completed of a method to mount equipment using an applied-voltage method based on the parallel arrangement of earth wires, opposed to electrodes
2001/01 Development commences on a freezer to preserve food freshness using a high-voltage, weak-current application method (patent application 2001-004954)
2001/02 Development completed of a dedicated electric-field container vessel. Development commences on an electric-field application method using an electrode-synchronization system
2001/07 Development commences on completely airtight screening electrodes for an electrode-synchronization system
2002/02 Development completed of a method to produce completely airtight screening electrodes for an electrode-synchronization system
2002/05 Development of container vessel for keeping goods subject to high-voltage, weak-current application equipment (patent application 2002-138910)
2002/08 Development completed of an applied voltage device to be mounted on freezing, thawing, cold storage and frying equipment via electrode-synchronization method
2002/09 Development of insular-screening electrodes specifically for electric-field equipment (patent application 2002-264245)
2003/03 Development commences on a method for regulating electric fields in dielectric and insular fluids using an electrode synchronization method
2003/06 Development of equipment to preserve low temperature for foodstuffs by using high-voltage, weak-current electrode synchronization (patent application 2003-170680) (patent application 2003-178073)
2003/10 Completed development of a method for regulating electric fields in dielectric and insular fluids using an electrode synchronization method
2004/06 High-voltage, weak-current synchronization electrode-treatment device and its application device developed (PCT/JP04/008774)
2004/11 High-voltage, weak-current synchronization electrode-treatment device (plane surface, several electrodes) and electric field-processing method developed (PCT/JP2004/17200) (PCT/JP17201)
2006/04 Electric field-processing and heating apparatus, and electric field-processing method developed (PCT/CN2006/000843)
2010/03 Electric field-blocking method, 3D power system completed
2011/06 Evertron develops hexahedral, automatic electric field-blockade device (patent application 2011-139065) (application for design right 2011-009400) (application for design right 2011-9401) (PCT/CN2007/003954)
2013/01 Evertron completes its Dr. Fry frying unit
2013/02 vertron completes its Dr. Fry frying unit
2013/07 Evertron’s Dr. Fry frying unit goes on sale for the first time
2013/08 Evertron’s R&D central research facility established
2014/06 Evertron develops a radio wave-processing method by applying its radio wave-generating-device technology to a fryer (PCT/JP2014/066968)
2014/09 Merger with sales company Fry Factory Co., Ltd; company changes name to evertron
2014/12 Evertron develops radio wave-generating equipment that utilizes vibration technology (patent application 2014-253301)
2015/01 Evertron creates a cooking method for fryers that utilizes vibration technology (patent application 2015-004510)
2015/07 Evertron develops an electrode radio wave-generating fryer basket using vibration technology (patent application 2015-135618)


The “One Young World” youth summit boasts the second-highest number of participant countries of any organization in the world. Evertron’s technologies have been highly praised by the organization’s headquarters, which chose our company to act as Japan’s sole national youth organizing partner.

Worldwide impact

One Young World National Youth Organizing Partner The One Young World youth summit organization trails only the Olympics in terms of the number of member countries. Though not yet widely known in Japan, the organization is growing rapidly around the world, thanks to strong international media coverage and the participation of over 500 multinational firms, various governments, the British royal family, NGOs, and other international institutions. Leaders from around the world gather annually and take on counselling roles. (Previous summits have included former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the president of Barclays Bank, and the heads of such firms as L’Oréal, Virgin Group, KPMG and Unilever.) Through its participation in the One Young World initiative, the evertron Group is helping support young people as they step out into the international community.


Evertron co-sponsors a movie “zero yen kitchen” that travels through Europe with a kitchen waste oil car to deliver waste dish food dishes and eliminate food waste from the world.

From Saturday, January 21, 2017 Shibuya Uplink and others published all over the country
It is an entertainment road movie that a trip to eliminate food waste from the world. Deliver waste food ingredients around Europe through a waste oil car with a kitchen.
Official site https://unitedpeople.jp/wastecooking/ Screening schedule https://unitedpeople.jp/wastecooking/scr

“Deauville Green International Film Festival 2015 Documentary Section Silver Award”

“Cannes Corporate Media & TV Grand Award 2015 Natural Environment, Ecology Department Silver Dolphin Award” Director: David Gross, Georg Misch 2015 / Austria / 81 minutes
Used waste oil 684.5 liter, mileage 5079 km Rescued foodstuff 690 kg, A delicious and bright “food” journey across the five European countries.


  “Wastecooking” is a journalist and David of “food rescuer” eliminates food waste, It is an entertainment road movie that goes around the five European countries with a kitchen car running with waste oil and goes on a trip of waste food ingredients cooking. We live in a consuming society, we have thrown out a lot of food every day to be able to eat yet. According to the World Food Program, one-third of food produced worldwide has been disposed of, Its weight is 89 million tons for Europe as a whole and 1.3 billion tons for the entire world every year. Meeting people who do unique fooding efforts in various places and acting waste food ingredients and challenging consciousness change David’s “0 yen kitchen” trip shows the present and future of food. Now that the world population is expected to reach 10 billion people, the issue of food disposal is a matter of human beings as a whole. In ‘0 yen kitchen’, David makes us think about what the food should be like in the future by delivering creative and delicious dishes with waste food materials to people. A unique and pleasant journey of David’s disposal food cooking begins.

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